4 Situations When Japanese Women Prefer Not to Be Alone Part 2

6. When she feels beautiful after visiting a salon or a day spa.

One Japanese woman in her 20s admits, “When I feel beautiful, I feel confident in myself, and it shows.” When a woman feels confident about her outer beauty, it will often motivate her to be bold and outgoing with her relationships. If you notice a change in her appearance, promptly compliment her. A simple “The new hairdo really suits you” could open up endless possibilities.

7. When she is worried about natural disasters.

Unfortunately, Japan experiences hurricanes and earthquakes each year. Although these are unavoidable natural disasters, they make many women nervous and afraid to be alone. One Japanese woman in her late teens voiced her concerns, “I don’t want to be alone when I’m anxious about severe weather.” Having a man around gives her comfort and a sense of security. If you know she lives alone, check up on her to see if she’s okay when a natural disaster strikes.

8. When she is moved by a love story.

“It made me want to be in love again. It gave me the courage to go out there and find love,” shared a Japanese woman in her 20s. Women often insert themselves into the love stories they are reading or viewing and then want to find their own real-world love story. It sounds cliché and overused, but if you have been wanting to go out with her, ask her out to watch a chick flick that has a happy ending.

9. When she is hormonal and experiencing PMS.

A Japanese woman in her 20s confessed, “During PMS, I crave the company of a boyfriend.” We all have animal instincts that are driven by changes in hormones. An unexplainable urge to be with a man can suddenly overwhelm her during this time of month. The only drawback is that it’s difficult for a man to know exactly when that time is. You need to be alert to any hints she drops or signs she shares.

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