4 Tasteful Souvenirs to Buy for Japanese Women Part 2

6. Beer from a local brewery.

“I love beer, and local brews are the best!” exclaims one Japanese woman in her 30s. If she enjoys the occasional drink, find a local brewery or winery and bring home a bottle of a local favorite brew. Not all alcoholic beverages are the same, though, so check what she likes in advance and pick the best option for her.

7. A simple but useful handkerchief.

“You can never own too many handkerchiefs, and if it’s a simple design, I can use it daily and be reminded of the nice souvenir,” smiles one Japanese woman in her early 20s. In Japan, it’s customary to carry tissues and a handkerchief with you, and it’s considered good manners to have a handkerchief ready to dry your hands, etc. (Note: they are not for blowing your nose! You use tissues for that.) It’s a compact and useful souvenir, and many Japanese women surveyed thought it would make a great gift. Don’t pick a design that’s too loud or eccentric. Those will end up at the bottom of her drawer.

8. A mini-luxury item that she hesitates to buy on her own.

“He gave me a bottle of cold-pressed olive oil infused with Meyer lemon essence. It’s a small luxury I will definitely enjoy,” claims one Japanese woman in her 20s. Especially if she’s a gourmet-lover and a good cook, she’ll appreciate the items that are too expensive for everyday use. If you know nothing about cooking and can’t decide what to buy, consult with the locals who know current trends.

9. Anything that’s in her favorite color.

“I was delighted that he knew and remembered my favorite color,” one Japanese woman in her early 20s enthusiastically tells us. If you can’t find anything that clicks, at least pick something that’s in her favorite color. The fact you put a lot of thought into selecting a souvenir for her will make her appreciate you, no matter what you end up buying her.

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