4 Things Boyfriends of Japanese Girlfriends Need to Help Each Other Grow Part 2

6. Find a passion outside of your relationship

“It’s not good when your love life is the only thing that keeps you going.” Taking care of your own life, from your work to your hobbies, is a prerequisite to achieving a relationship in which you and your partner can help each other grow. This is also a great way to protect yourself against the potential domino effect that a failed relationship may bring to the rest of your life.

7. Tell each other about your strengths

“Being praised by the person you love is the best kind of encouragement you can get.” Recognizing each other’s efforts and strengths can do wonders for your motivation. You will see the best in each other by purposefully looking for each other’s strengths, and this can even make you fall even deeper in love.

8. Have a discussion instead of getting upset at each other

“We usually have a discussion about how we can grow after an argument.” Couples who are focused on growth know how to turn the negative experience of bumping heads into something positive. Try to address how you can improve your relationship by asking, “How can we fix what doesn’t work for us?” This will help you find a solution.

9. Don’t snoop on your partner’s phone, and don’t intrude on each other’s privacy

“It’s important that we treat each other as independent adults.” It’s difficult to be a good influence on each other when you invade your partner’s privacy in the name of love. Keep in mind that giving each other some space and privacy can be beneficial, and be careful not to overstep the boundaries your partner sets.

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