5 Situations When Japanese Women Prefer Not to Be Alone Part 1

1. When her best friend broke the news that she was getting married.

“It crossed my mind that I may never get married. Suddenly, I felt depressed,” admitted one Japanese woman in her 20s. She wants to be happy for her best friend, but at the same time she’s feeling completely frustrated with her own love life. “I’m the only one left from our class who isn’t married.” If you catch her expressing such disappointment, give her a call and ask her out for a quick drink. Something may develop.

2. When a guy flirts and teases her like a teenage girl.

A Japanese woman in her 20s recalled this kind of experience, “It’s been a while since I last felt this way. It’s nice to be pursued.” The older the woman is, the more flattered she feels being the target of your flirtation. Even if you think she may be too mature to be gently teased, you’ll never know unless you try. Give it a go and see how she reacts.

3. When she had a bad day at work.

“When things don’t go well at work, I just want to have a good time and forget about it,” stated one Japanese woman in her 20s. Some women want to vent their frustration to their male colleagues and take their mind off of work for rest of the day. If she moans about work, it’s a great opportunity to get closer to her. Listen intently and give her an outlet to vent.

4. When she receives words of compassion: “I’m here for you.”

“Reliability and trust may be the prologue to a romantic relationship,” observed one Japanese woman in her late teens. If you offer her comfort and understanding, the relationship could possibly develop into something more than just friendship. However, don’t expect your relationship to develop after just one caring word. You need to build her trust by working diligently on a daily basis to show her that you care.

5. When she has a great time at a social.

A Japanese woman in her 20s told us, “It’s always easier for me to hit it off with a guy over a couple of drinks.” It’s not uncommon for women to lose their inhibitions over a bottle of wine. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other, and for you to make a move. Still, you don’t want alcohol to cloud your judgment, so be cautious in evaluating the situation before making any important decisions.

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